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Deadhead's Beatles Page

DATE VENUE SOURCE #of CD NOTES xx/xx/6x Anthology DVD Directors Cut DVD 9 xx/xx/63 Studio 2 Sessions STUDIO 4 "Studio 2 Sessions At Abbey Road" 06/12/64 Adelaide, Australia SBD 1 06/17/64 Melbourne, Australia SBD 1 08/04/64 Seattle, WA SBD 1 with 8/18/65 08/22/64 Vancouver, BC, Canada SBD 1 08/23/64 Hollywood Bowl SBD 1 09/02/64 Philadelphia SBD .5 "Ultimate Live Collection" 09/03/64 Indiana State Fair SBD .5 "Ultimate Live Collection" 06/20/65 Paris SBD 1 "Live In Palais De Sports - Paris" 06/27/65a&b Roma, Italia FMS/SBD 1 Afternoon show is only partial 06/30/66 Boudakon, Japan SBD 1 "Live In Japan" 08/18/65 Atlanta, GA SBD 1 08/19/65 Sam Houston Bowl SBD 1 "Ultimate Live Collection" 08/21/65 Minneapolis, MN SBD 1 "Live In Minneapolis 1965" 08/30/65 Hollywood Bowl SBD 1 xx/xx/65 Rubber Soul Demos SBD 2 "Soul Sesions" 06/24/66 Munich, Germany SBD 1 with 8/18/65 06/30/66 Tokyo, Japan DVD 1 Nippon TV recording. Excellent quality 08/29/66 Candlestick Park SBD 1 xx/xx/66 Revolver Demos STUDIO 2 "Revolving" xx/xx/66 "Alternate Revolver" STUDIO 1 xx/xx/66 It's Not Too Bad STUDIO 1 "It's Not Too Bad" It's Not Too Bad and Strawberry Fields Demos. xx/xx/67 Alt. Sgt. Pepper STUDIO 2 xx/xx/67 Lost Pepperland Reels STUDIO 1 xx/xx/67 Day in The Life STUDIO 1 A Day In the Life Demos, plus other stuff xx/xx/67 Magical Mystery outs STUDIO 1 Interesting 05/xx/68 Esher Demos Demos 2 From Kinhaus To Chaos bootleg; Disc 1 is Esher demos, disc 2 is Revolution being worked up, from Yoko's tapes (she is talking the whole time) xx/xx/68 Beatles Deluxe - White Album STUDIO 10 Has both the mono & stereo versions of the White album plus demos, outtakes and jam sessions xx/xx/68 Mono White Album STUDIO 2 Also has outtakes to fill in discs xx/xx/68 Alternate White Album Studio 2 xx/xx/68 "The White Sesions" STUDIO 4 ??/??/68 White Album outs STUDIO 1 Lords Of Pain bootleg xx/xx/69 Get Back/Winter of Discontent DVD 2 Complete Rooftop movie plus live in the studio rehearsals & recordings - rare footage and audio dubbed from the audio reels xx/xx/69 "Day By Day Reels" STUDIO 42 A/B Camera of all of the Let It Be Movie recordings xx/xx/69 Lost Day By Day vol I STUDIO 1 Missing stuff from above xx/xx/69 "Let It Be Rehearsals" STUDIO 5 ??/??/69 Roof Top Show & Let It Be Outs SBD 1 Very Nice...80 Min XX/XX/69 Black Album STUDIO 2 Get Back Sessions...New Version 01/xx/69 Get Back Sessions STUDIO 1 "Rockin' Movie Stars Vol.8" has stuff not available elsewhere xx/xx/69 Get Back reference Acetate STUDIO 1 xx/xx/69 Abbey Road outs Studio 1 xx/xx/69 Beatles Deluxe - Abbey Road STUDIO 3 original L.P., alternate mixes, etc. xx/xx/xx Artifacts I Studio Sessions 5 Outtakes/Alternates xx/xx/xx Artifacts II Studio Sessions 5 Outtakes xx/xx/xx Unsurpassed Masters Outtakes/Alt. xx/xx/xx Beatles songs the Grateful Dead covered 1 Also have one of the original versions with Beatles outs.
xx/xx/xx "Unplugged" VARIOUS 1 Various songs unplugged 09/13/69 Toronto, ON SBD 1 Toronto Rock & Roll Revival; Many bands: The Doors (show circulates), Alice Cooper, Chicago. Shows were also filmed.First four songs are filler Band members are Klaus Voorman on bass, Alan White on drums, Eric Clapton on guitar, John Lennon on guitar and piano, and Yoko (unfortunately). 06/06/71 Fillmore East SBD 2 With Frank Zappa 10/09/71 2 Hotels SBD 2 1 disc is a b-day bash for John. Kind of an all-star b.s. session. For completists only xx/xx/72 Imagine Demos/Outs STUDIO 3 "Imagine All The Outtakes" 06 & 07/74 STUDIO STUDIO 1 Demos for Walls & Bridges 11/28/74 MSG, NYC SBD 1 Actually an Elton John show. John played on Whatever Gets You Through the Night, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, I Saw Her Standing There The reason this happened was that John had made a bet with Elton that his re-make of LSD (John sat in, I believe) would not make it to number 1, and if it did, he would come and do it live with him. Well, it did.
08/22/72 Antwerp SBD 1 "Got Any Toothpicks" boot 05/17/73 Manchester, UK AUD 1 07/10/73 Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK AUD 1 Summer/74 Nashville STUDIO 1 Rehearsals for Wings over America tour xx/xx/74 Venus & Mars Outs STUDIO 1 05/03/76 Fort Worth, TX AUD 2 First generation aud>DAT>CDR 05/09/76 Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto AUD 2 05/14/76 Philly Spectrum AUD 2 12/17/79 Glasgow SBD 2 Wings last show; Filler from the Concert For The People OF Kampuchea ??/??/89 Backyard STUDIO 1 Paul outs from TV special and backyard demos 07/04/90 Washington, DC DSBD 2 06/15/93 Charolette DFMS 2 Very nice Paul show 04/03/02 San Jose DAUD 2 SP-BMC-1 -> SP-SPSB-2 -> MT90; Location: Section 117, Row 13, Seat 2; Conversion: MDS JE520 -> Philips CDR 870 -> EAC -> CDWave -> Mkw -> SHN 04/10/02 Chicago DAUD 1 Partial; Giant Squid Powered Battery Box Binaural / Stereo Microphone>Sony MZR70 MiniDisc>SoundForge XP>SHN >CDR 04/26/02 Washington, D.C. DAUD 2 05/15/02 Tampa, FL DAUD/ALD MATRIX 2 05/08/03 Oberhausen, Germany DAUD 2 06/26/04 Glastonbury Fest DVD 1 Pro-Shot; PAL 10/23/04 Mountain View, CA AUD 1 10/24/04 Mountain View, CA AUD 1 09/20/05 Atlanta, GA DAUD 2 09/22/05 Philadelphia, PA DAUD 2 CS cards>Archos Gmini402>usb2>Sound Forge8>CD Architect>EAC>Flac 09/23/05 Philadelphia, PA DAUD 2 dpa4061's > m1 > macintosh > xACT 1.51b > flac 8; location: 17th row floor in line with left stack 10/01/05 MSG, NYC DVD 2 Audience shot; reasonbly close good sound 10/08/05 Washington, DC DAUD 2 10/18/05 Chicago, IL DAUD 2 Recording: Sonic Studios DSm-6 mikes => Bass Roll-off => Sony M-1; Transfer: Sony ES DAT deck => stand-alone Pioneer CD burner => EAC => Magix Audio Cleaning Lab => WAV => FLAC Front-end (level 8) 10/23/05 Milwaukee, WI DAUD 2 AUD MD 11/08/05 San Jose, CA UNK 2 11/30/05 Staples Center, LA, CA DAUD 2 SOURCE: Schoeps MK41 > actives > NBox > (mod)SBM-1 > D100; TRANSFER: D100 > Teac RW-CD22 > hard drive > Sound Forge 7.0 > CD Wave > FLAC frontend
xx/xx/70 All Things Must Pass Demos STUDIO 1 Beware Of Abcko bootleg xx/xx/70 All Things Must Pass outs STUDIO 3 xx/xx/70 All Things Must Pass Outtakes & Demos 2 Semi-official release 05/01/70 Studio, NYC STUDIO 1 SBD>Reel>DAT>CD 11/26/74 Baton Rouge SBD 2 11/30/74 Chicago, IL AUD 1 AUD (Sony TC-110 with built in microphone) MC> cdrw > eac > cdwave > flac 12/??/91 Japan DSBD 2 George & Clapton 12/05/91 Kokusai-Hall, Japan DSBD 2 George & Clapton 12/07/91 Japan DAUD DAT George & Clapton
09/01/89 Mountain View, CA AUD 2 08/26/98 St. Petersburg, Russia DAUD 2 The Bootleg Zone - Formerly Beatleg site
A few quick notes for the novice. Before grabbing Beatles bootlegs, get some of the original legit stuff. Here's a quick list to get you started: COMPILATIONS: "1962-1966 & 1967-1970" - The best of the compilations. Covers all of their top hits. Each one is 2 CDs (or 2 records for us old farts) "1" - all of the number one singles the boys made. "Hey Jude" - a compilation of top singles that never made it to L.P. "Anthology" - this is more almost an introduction for the studio outs listed above. Lots of demos, etc. BEST ORIGINAL RELEASES - top 5 White Album (no comment needed) Abbey Road (the last Beatles album recorded) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band (the classic summer of love album) Revolver Rubber Soul Honorable mention - no particular order here A Hard Days Night - soundtrack to the film. Help (U.K. version) - If Austin Powers was stoned, this is the movie he'd have made. Some very good songs. Let It Be - Has some truly GREAT songs (Let It Be, Long and Winding Road, Get Back), but not enough to get it into the top 5. Always seemed to me that they should have spent more time writing and working on more songs for this album. The film for this shows the band disintegrating, which makes it rather depressing to listen to. Magical Mystery Tour - Another one with some really great songs (Magical Mystery Tour, Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane, I am the Walrus, Fool On The Hill, Bluejay Way) but rather disjointed effort. The film made for this is the result of having too much money and plenty of drugs.
For me personally, much of the pre-1965 stuff is dated, although it still is very charming. To get a feel of the early stuff, the 1962-1966 release is very good. Hard to beat songs like "Can't Buy Me Love," "She Loves You" and "Eight Days a Week" though. Give the "oldies" (to our kids and grandkids EVERYTHING the Beatles did are oldies) a listen as well.
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