Doors Setlists: 1968

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March 7th, 1968. The Scene Club - New York City, N.Y. 1. Red House 2. Wake Up This Morning & Find Myself Dead 3. Bleeding Heart 4. Morrison's Lament 5. Tommorow Never Knows 6 Uranus Rock 7. Outside Woman Blues 8. Sunshine Of Your Love Recordings: Woke Up This Morning & Found Myself Dead - (Bootleg L.P.) Red Lightnin' 50 min. Sound quality= A PERSONNEL: Jimi Hendrix - Guitar, Vocals, Recording Jim Morrison - Vocals, Abuse, Harmonica, Mumbling Johnny Winter - Rhythm Guitar Randy Hobbs - Bass Randy Z - Drums (tracks 1 - 3) Buddy Miles - Drums (tracks 4 - 8) NOTES: Actually a supposed legitimate release (not in the U.S.), the story is that Hendrix brought along a tape deck to a jam session at a club owned by Johnny Winter's manager. Morrison shows up, and can be heard on a couple of tracks screaming obscenities, playing the harmonica and "cavorting" (drunkenly) about the stage. As a Hendrix fan as well as a Doors fan, I thouroughly enjoy this recording. Morrison's contribution to this is minimal, but fun. Nothing deeply poetic here, no deeper meaning in life, Morrison seems to be enjoying shocking the crowd (who knows if he actually succeeds?)by screaming "f*** her in the a**." Perhaps he was trying a not too subtle pick-up line....One can never be sure with Jim..... Bottom Line - If you don't like Hendrix at all, stay away from this one! I love Hendrix, plus, it is nice to hear him playing without any pressure or effect pedals..... For the die-hard completist, a must have..... If you like Hendrix, a nice addition. Sometimes mislabled as 3/18/68
March 17th, 1968. Back Bay Theater - Boston, MA
1. When The Music's Over 2. Back Door Man-> 3. Five To One 4. Break On Through-> 5. There You Sit 6. Love Me Two Times 7. You're Lost, Little Girl 8. Light My Fire 9. The End-> 10. Across The Sea-> 11. Accident Outside-> 12. Holy Shaman poem-> 13. Ensenda Recordings: 90 min
May 10th, 1968 Chicago Colesium - Chicago, IL 1. Soul Kitchen-> 2. Running Blue-> 3. Soul Kitchen 4. Break On Through-> 5. There You Sit (???) 6. Alabama Song-> 7. Back Door Man-> 8. Five To One 9. When The Music's Over 10. Crystal Ship 11. Wake Up!-> 12. Light My Fire Recordings: AUD 55 min Quality: C+ NOTES: Sources differ on if there you sit was performed
May 11th, 1968 Cobo Hall - Detroit, MI No known setlist Recordings: None known NOTES: Filmed for "Feast Of Friends"
May 12th, 1968 Canadian National Exhibition Hall - Toronto, Canada 1. Break On Through 2. When The Music's Over Recordings: None Known NOTES: Setlist incomplete;
May 19th, 1968 Family Park, Santa Clara County Fairgrounds - San Jose, CA
No known setlist Note: Northern California Folk Rock Festival (2 day event); OTHER BANDS: Grateful Dead, Eric Burdon & The Animals, Big Brother & The Holding Company, The Youngbloods, Electric Flag, Jefferson Airplane, Kaleidoscope, Country Joe & The Fish, Taj Majal Recordings: unknown (Jorma Koukonen of The Jeferson Airplane recorded the Airplane & the Grateful Dead from the stage, plus another audience recording is purported to circulate, so there could be an audience recording around somewhere).
Saturday, June 15th, 1968 Sacramento Memorial Auditorium - Sacramento, CA
1. When The Music's Over NOTES: Partial setlist Recordings: None known
Friday, July 5th, 1968 Hollywood Bowl - Hollywood, CA
1. When The Music's Over 2. Alabama Song 3. Back Door Man-> 4. Five To One 5. Hello, I Love You 6. Moonlight Drive 7. Horse Latitudes 8. A Little Game 9. The Hill Dwellers-> 10. Spanish Caravan 11. Wake Up-> 12. Light My Fire 13. The Unknown Soldier 14. The End-> 15. Accident Outside-> 16. Grasshopper-> 17. Ensenada Recordings: Video: Doors at the Hollywood Bowl; AUD 75 min
Tuesday, July 9th, 1968 Dallas Memorial Auditorium - Dallas, TX 1. Backdoor Man 2. Five To One 3. Break On Through 4. The Crystal Ship 5. Texas Radio Poem 6. Hello, I Love You 7. Moonlight Drive 8. Money 9. Soul Kitchen 10. Wake Up> 11. Light My Fire Recordings: AUD; 70 min. Quality: B+/A-
Wednesday, July 10th, 1968 Sam Houston Coliseum - Houston, TX 1. Break On Through> 2. Back Door Man> "Once I Had A Friend"> "Can The Wind Have It All?"> "We Tried So Hard"> "Strange Gods Are Coming"> Back Door Man 3. When The Music's Over> "Confusion"> "Winter Photography"> "Talking, Waiting, Smoking"> "Count The Dead"> "Feel Warm Days"> When The Music's Over 4. Texas Radio & The Big Beat> 5. Hello I Love You 6. Little Red Rooster 7. Who Do You Love 8. Crystal Ship 9. Light My Fire Recordings: 60 minutes, tape glitches during Who Do You Love, Light My Fire cuts early into the song. Very hissy, B- otherwise. NOTES: Not listed as circulating in "The Doors On The Road"
August 1st, 1968 Kennedy Muncipal Stadium - Bridgeport, CT 1. Break On Through (opener) 2. Light My Fire ENCORES: 3. Little Red Rooster 4. The Unknown Soldier Recordings: NONE KNOWN NOTES: Partial setlist
August 2nd, 1968 The Singer Bowl - N.Y. 1. Back Door Man 2. Five To One 3. Break On Through 4. When The Music's Over-> 5. Vast Radiant Beach-> 6. Dawn's Highway-> 7. The Royal Sperm 8. Wild Child 9. Wake Up-> 10. Light My Fire 11. The End-> 12. Fall Down Now-> 13. I'm Coming, I Hear You Calling-> 14. The Creature's Nursing It's Child-> 15. Don't Come Here, Don't Come In-> 16. Ensenada Recordings: AUD; 45 min Quality: B+ NOTES: The New York Rock Festival At The Singer Bowl; The End does not circulate
Thursday, September 5th, 1968 Top Of The Pops, BBC-1 TV, London England 1. Hello, I Love You NOTES: Played live, not dubbed. Recordings: None known
Friday, September 6th, 1968 The Round House, London England
EARLY SHOW (7:00 P.M.):
SOUNDCHECK: Hello, I Love You (Ray, vocals) 1. Back Door Man 2. Break On Through 3. When The Music's Over 4. Alabama Song 5. Hello, I Love You 6. Wild Child 7. Money 8. Light My Fire 9. Unknown Soldier 10. The End Recordings: None known.
LATE SHOW (10:00 P.M.):
11. Five To One 12. Break On Through 13. When The Music's Over 14. Alabama Song 15. Back Door Man-> 16. Crawling King Snake 17. Spanish Caravan 18. Love Me Two Times 19. Light My Fire 20. Unknown Soldier 21. Soul Kitchen 22. Little Game-> 23. The Hill Dwellers-> 24. Not To Touch The Earth 25. Hello, I Love You 26. Moonlight Drive-> 27. Horse Latitudes 28. Money Recordings: AUD; 75 min. Recordings: The Doors Are Open (video) 60 min. - Video combines soundcheck, early & late show plus footage of various scenes of 60's protests & commentaries. 1. When The Musics Over 2. Five To One 3. Spanish Caravan 4. Hello, I Love You 5. Back Door Man 6. Crawling Kingsnake 7. Wake Up 8. Celebration Of The Lizard 9. Light My Fire 10. Unknown Soldier
Saturday, September 7th, 1968 ICA Gallery, The Mall, London, England Press Conference
Saturday, September 7th, 1968 The Round House, London England
1. Five To One 2. Break On Through 3. When The Music's Over 4. Wake Up-> 5. Light My Fire 6. The End-> 7. Ensenada NOTE: Could be late show? Recordings: AUD 45 min.
Saturday, September 7th, 1968 The Round House, London England
No known setlist NOTE: Early Show setlist could be late show. Recordings: NONE
September 14th, 1968 Kongresshalle, Frankfurt, Germany
1. Break On Through 2. Alabama Song-> 3. Backdor Man 4. When The Music's Over 5. Texas Radio & The Big Beat (WASP)-> 6. Hello, I Love You 7. Light My Fire 8. The Unknown Soldier Recorings: The Night On Fire (Bootleg L.P.) Tangie Town Records, 45 min.
1. Five To One 2. Alabama Song-> 3. Back Door Man 4. When The Music's Over 5. Light My Fire 6. Little Red Rooster 7. I'm A Man 8. ENCORE: The End (extended version) NOTE: Portions of Light My Fire & Five To One broadcast on German TV as part of news; A complete copy is purported to have been filmed by Frankfurt TV station.
Sunday, September 15th, 1968 Concertgebouwe - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1. Break On Through-> 2. There You Sit 3. Soul Kitchen 4. Alabama Song 5. Back Door Man 6. Hello, I Love You 7. Light My Fire 8. Unknown Soldier Recordings: 45 min. QUALITY: C+ NOTES: Without Jim.
Tuesday, September 17th, 1968 Falkoner Centret - Copenhagen, Denmark - 1. Alabama Song 2. Backdoor Man 3. The WASP 4. Love Me Two Times 5. When The Musics Over 6. The Unknown Soilder Recordings: 45 NOTES: Setlist is for the T.V. taping...also early & late shows.
Wednesday, September 18th, 1968 Byen, Television Broadcast - Copenhagen, Denmark 1. Alabama Song 2. Back Door Man 3. The WASP 4. Love Me Two Times 5. When The Music's Over 6. Unknown Soldier Recordings: 45
Friday, September 20th, 1968 Konserthaus - Stockholm, Sweeden
1. Five To One 2. Love Street 3. Love Me Two Times 4. When The Musics Over 5. A Little Game 6. The Hill Dwellers 7. Light My Fire 8. Unknown Soldier
9. Five To One 10. Mack The Knife 11. Alabama Song 12. You're Lost Little Girl 13. Love Me Two Times 14. When The Music's Over 15. Wild Child 16. Money 17. Wake Up 18. Light My Fire 19. The End Recordings: SBD, 90 min (both early & late), A- quality Setlist Index
Sunday, November 3rd, 1968 Chicago Colesium - Chicago, IL 1. Back Door Man 2. When The Music's OVer 3. Break On Through 4. Tell All The People 5. Love Me Two Timese 6. Celebration Of The Lizard (complete)> 7. Light My Fire Recordings: See notes Notes: I recived a disc marked as "11/9/68 Chicago Auditorium." According to The Doors On The Road, this show does not circulate. The sound quality differs between songs as well. It is part of a 2 CD bootleg called "100 Minutes" which has 6/6/70 as well. For what it's worth here's what I have: 1. Petiton The Lord With Prayer (SBD?) 2. Light My Fire (SBD) 3. The End (SBD) 4. Soul Kitchen (AUD) 5. Break On Through 6. Crystal Ship 7. Wake Up> 8. Light My Fire
Saturday, December 14th, 1968 Los Angles Forum - Inglewood, CA 1. Tell All The People 2. Love Me Two Times 3. Who Scared You 4. Spanish Caravan 5. The Crystal Ship 6. Wild Child 7. Touch Me 8. Light My Fire 9. Celebration Of The Lizard 10. Maggie McGill* Recordings: 74 min AUD NOTE:* Not listed on my sources, but on my copy. Sounds like the same source.

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